A fashion brand & social business, we make beautiful one-of-a-kind bags from kites, sails & parachutes to create a safe working space for survivors of the prostitution cycle.By purchasing a KitePride bag you are providing a safe environment and stable employment for women & men, survivors of prostitution and human trafficking, Kite Pride goal is to create a second chance for both people and materials, we provide a safe and dignifying working space, paying respectful living wages and saving as many materials as we can from landfills.

Kite Pride

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Our studio created a new visual language for Kitepride, a new style guide and a new user experience, along with a brand new Shopify website. This redesigned website provides customers with a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience, allowing them to find the products they need quickly and easily. The new design also amplifies the brand message and showcases the product in an appealing and interactive way. The website was designed to be intuitive and engaging, and was tailored to the needs and values of the Kitepride's customers. The project was a success, and the website has been receiving positive feedback since its launch.

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In order to give a more internal feel, we created a set of icons that speak to the new brand. The visual language is more in-line with the updated brand's message and aesthetic, providing a consistent look and feel across all platforms. It helps to create an emotional connection with potential customers, allowing them to relate to the brand in a meaningful way. The set of icons helps to communicate the brand's values to customers, making it easier to identify with Kitepride.

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