We worked with the growing brand to completely re-design their website and design language, adding a new slick technical vibe that helps users connect with the brand and understand its process with ease. By making sure all elements of the website design worked cohesively to create a unified user experience, we were successful in giving the brand the modern look and feel it desired.With a revolutionary plug-and-play model and technology for rapid expansion and extreme growth for fast food service operators, Hyper scales up fast food chains 10X faster than ever before.

Hyper Robotics

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Through user testing and analysis, we identified where improvements could be made to the website design and language to create a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience. We also incorporated modern design elements to give the website a modern look and feel that would be attractive to the brand's target audience.We implemented the changes, resulting in a website that was not only more visually appealing, but also easier to navigate and interact with. The website now has an inviting and professional aesthetic, driving engagement and increasing conversions.

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A new brand language and illustration style were developed and designed for the marketing side of the project This enabled users to identify the website quickly and gave it a distinct identity. The refreshed look also increased user engagement and resulted in a significant increase in conversions.

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